Kinsale is a town in the southern coast of Ireland, about 30min by car from Cork City. It’s the starting point of the Wild Atlantic Way, which I honestly was not aware of until now, and is now in my bucket list. I loved walking around Kinsale! Like other villages we’ve been in the last two weeks, it also has colorful houses but there’s an area in this town where they’ve taken “colorful” to another level. The colors are almost too whimsically bright but it’s ok as it brightens the otherwise dark clouds that had been looming all day. I’d love to go back here again and visit other towns along the coast. We visited Kingsale in October and it has been either cloudy or rainy most of the days. But since we were in Ireland, we expected that much and as long as you are prepared for the weather, it won’t stop you from enjoying the towns.

We were in Kinsale during off season so the town was pretty empty, which I did not mind. We stopped by one of the restaurants for some hot seafood chowder and waited for the rain to subside before resuming our walk around town. There are several cute little cafes that you can stop by whenever there’s a burst of rain. Not a bad deal at all ! Umbrella and rain jacket with a hood are your friend when you’re in Ireland.

We originally wanted to drive the “Ring Of Kerry” on this day but because of the weather we had to look for plan B. And Kinsale did not disappoint!

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