July 2022

Our next stop after Salzburg was the Lake District (Salzkammergut). We stopped at the town of Fuschl by lake Fuschlsee, drove into town but couldnt figure out the parking situation (most if not all signs around here is in German) so we decided to keep going. Next was a village by lake Wolfgangsee, St. Gilgen.

They say if you don’t like the crowds of Hallstatt go to St Gilgen. It’s a very charming village with the typical Austrian houses and buildings with wooden balconies decked with blooming flowers. Its quiet and laidback but still have things to do by the lake for families. The village was pretty empty when we were there, except for a few bikers arriving and one small group of tourists. We had lunch at Gasthof zur Post which is one of the villages historic buildings right on it’s main plaza, the Mozartplatz. I had a schnitzel and Husband had spinach dumplings (and he had been looking for spinach dumplings since then). The restaurant had an outdoor seating with plenty of flowering vines hanging and serves as the perfect place to people watch and get relief from the summer heat. We wandered around the village, stopped by the lake and people watched. We thought of taking the cable car up the mountain but in the end decided not to. It’s definitely worth the stop on the way to Hallstatt.

We also figured how to use the public parking spaces (thanks to a kind local on his bike). Anything with blue line is public parking and people leave like a clock cardboard thing on the dashboard to signify how long your car has been there (apparently you can get this from stores). Since we don’t have this clock thing, we just wrote on a piece of paper “arrived at 12:15pm” and left it on our dashboard. Hours of free parking depends on the village (3 hrs for St Gilgen). I’ve relied a lot on Google translate on this trip. We ended up reusing this piece of paper several times in this trip.

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